YogaGO Essential Oil Diffuser (3rd generation)



Unique leak-proof patent design, home and car modes, with intelligent start/stop functions. Built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery, wireless operation. Using advanced piezoelectric technology to atomize essential oil, instantly create aromatherapeutic environment anytime, anywhere.

《Space Cover》
Up to 50 square meters (500 square feet).

《Noise Level》
With 30~35dB slight operating sound, reconsider if need a whisper-quiet environment.

《Suit for》
Home, Car, Sports Room, Bathroom, Cooking Room

- Leakproof patented design
- 4 operating modes, home and car use with intelligent start/stop functions.
- Works wirelessly, built-in lithium-ion battery, charged via USB port, ~5 hours charging time and run for ~12 hours. (Actual battery operating time will vary depending on usage and many other factors.)
- 4 operation time mode selections.
- Waterless operation, plug & play with any 5/10/15ml standard essential oil bottles.

Aluminum alloy grey

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《How to use》
Unscrew the glass bottle from the nebulizing adaptor
Fill in your favourite essential oil to the provided glass bottle or replace a ready to use Khemist essential oil and screw back to the diffuser adaptor.
Turn on the YogaGO for use.
* If you want to change another essential oil, you can use alcohol for cleaning first, just fill in 5ml of 75% alcohol to the glass bottle and diffuse for 10 minutes, then change to another essential oil for use.

Use note:
1. If the body tipped over for a while, please put it back upright and let it stand for 5 minutes before using it.
2. If you do not use it for a long time or when you are carrying it out, please take out the essential oil bottle in the body and put it separately.

Cleaning & Maintenance:
1. Clean the nozzle pipe: use general household disinfectant alcohol and pour about 5ml into the essential oil bottle every 2 weeks, install the nozzle and shake it for a few times, install it back in the diffuser base and turn it on to diffuse for 10 minutes.
2. Cleaning the outside of the nozzle: soak the whole nozzle together with the pipe in hot water of 70 degrees or below, take it out after one hour, wipe it dry and put it back in the main unit. Suggest to clean once every two weeks.

Package includes:
• YogaGO Essential Oil Diffuser
• Diffuser adaptor
• 10ml essential oil glass bottle
• USB cable
• User manual

Output: DC 5.0V 1A
Applicable Space: 50 sqm
Sound of Operation: 30~35dB
Materials: Aluminum alloy, PP, glass
Size: 12.6 cm(H) x Φ7 cm
Net weight: 315g